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The Chaos theory is an interdisciplinary theory that establishes, within the apparent randomness of complex chaotic systems, interconnection, constant feedback loops, repetition, self-similarity, fractals, and auto-organization... this behavior is known as deterministic chaos or simply just chaos. Is our free conscience and free will the underlying pattern, interconnected, repetition, auto-organization? Our individual conscience tries to give balance, it is what manifests this reality. The unknown future, our past, the subconscious; chaotic complex systems... we are this too.

Each decade has its style, color palette, fashion, art; it is defined by the stories lived. The media caused by different chaotic events also defines its style. I grew up between the 80s and 90s decades in Acuña City, Coahuila in frontier with del Rio TX. I remember the fears I had were due to the stories that were told to me, religion, or the stories on TV. Life was simple and easy, that’s how I grew up. But we knew of the existence of AIDS, the Cold War, the Middle East war, and I always felt latent the possibility of chaos, I knew that at any moment it could come. That mystery of the present’s fragility is what keeps us attentive, what reminds us that we can to a certain point control and create our own reality. This duality between chaos and order gives us life.

“(Terror fiction) shows us that the control we think we have is purely illusory and that each moment we stagger between chaos and oblivion.” – Clive Baker

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