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In New News, Floria presents a speech that reflects on new technologies, apps, news, theories, ideology, music, biology, and spirituality, among others; all this from the concept of 'New Information'.

Through many languages like photography, video, installation, performance, and painting, Floria González portrays alternate psyche realities through the creation of a universe of characters and scenarios, with fantasy and imagination evoking a group of shapes that rebuild our own identity through memories and experiences. Its trajectory entails thirteen individual expositions and more than forty collectives, portraying her work in cities like New York, Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, Bogota, Los Angeles, Berlin, Singapore, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and of course Mexico City.

Boutique-Installation New News: At the end of quarantine, and when it is possible to carry out New
News’ inauguration in person, the installation will become a boutique, where the art pieces inspired by
the overload of information we have nowadays will be on sale.

“Reality’s experience depends on the capacity to understand and integrate that each person has. To believe the “outside” world is a consequence of the inside world, that the selection of what is heard, what is seen, what is felt and thought, is what colors and gives sense to reality. The question is “how efficient are we to inflect inner experience for creating consciously a reality that brings us close again to unity? How unique and powerful do we feel of our creation?”

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