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I ́m not an ecologist or an activist, but I have dedicated my life to art and art led me to humanity and then the issue of the end of our species appears as a natural interest for my human tendencies. For the last two years, I have been reading many materials about the compromised situation of our planet and the future of the new generations if there will be one, and the amount of facts, data and investigations is overwhelming in the underground and very shallow in the surface. The fact that things never disappear when you turn your back on them, and the fact that we as humans have the bad habit to turn our back to unpleasant situations of the reality, became a time bomb in my mind. Then I thought about my son and his future, and his children ́s future, if there will be one. What responsibilities will they face and what must we try to teach them in regard with their relation with Earth and the universe. All my interest in the human condition, our inner thoughts and interrelation failures and success, formerly my main subjects to create, where put aside by the idea of the end of time for us. It simply became obvious that there was no other subject that could occupy more space in my mind than this, our self inflicted apocalypse, and our blindness about it. Is it going to happened under so much ignorance? Usually happens like this, the biggest empires always fell under the biggest and most scary disinformation and complacence.

I know that probably some of you readers are already thinking that the changes of the planet are normal or not real at all, and that probably this information is just the machination of destabilizer minds, and because I ́m not a scientist either I can ́t assure you that you ́re not right, and maybe all this investigations are wrong or plainly lies, but if that ́s the case we can take all this noise as an opportunity to improve the way we interact with the planet and the life in it that at the end of the day is the life within us.

These are possible portraits of the children of our children having to live under different conditions and circumstances, maybe in this planet, maybe be not. These are possible portraits of us in 2050.

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